(Non)Functional Art?…

It’s another Crow’s Nest Artisanal Wares first!

Anyone who’s familiar with our particular brand of handcrafted, rustic-industrial functional art knows that we place the emphasis on “functional” – in that nothing is there for decorative purposes only. Whether it’s incorporating a valve handle, a voltage meter, an outlet box or a combination of any or all of these elements, everything is functional and does just exactly what it appears it should do.

That being said, when we found out the Lake Wales Arts Council was holding it’s Inaugural Fine Arts Show – Competition Exhibit, we definitely wanted to throw our hat in the ring to see about having one of our works represented. Unfortunately, after reading through the Specifications and Restrictions, we found that listed among the “not acceptable work” section were “pieces requiring electricity” – so that severely cut our existing entry possibilities by. . . oh, let’s call it 100%!

Clearly, we needed to regroup in order to even be able to apply for participation in the juried selection process – so we did, but we also stuck to what we know and work best with!

The two pieces below were submitted for consideration and we’re very excited to share that one of them has been selected for inclusion in the show – which runs from November 14 – January 23! We won’t know which one until the Opening Reception on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 6pm – but no matter which, we’re super honored to  have our work chosen for participation!

So, here is your advanced look at our first ever, rustic-industrial, non functional art!



abundant joy