Quiet Doesn’t Mean Complacent…

By typical social media standards, we’ve been relatively quiet over the past month or so – but that doesn’t mean we aren’t actively working to grow and expand our range of functional art wares and the CNAW brand! We just want to have something of value to say when we post so we don’t get overlooked while scrolling through the feeds!

That being said, we do have several events lined up August through October and we’ll get those details posted this week.

We also have something else very exciting in the works – but we’re not quite ready to unveil that just yet. It’s going to be very cool though. . . I can promise you that!

We’ll have plenty more unique and one of a kind wares available for these upcoming events (and beyond) – we have more ideas than time right now, so expect a stream of fresh original pieces to come.

Rest assured, we remain committed to being your “go to” premier brand for all of your handcrafted, rustic-industrial, functional art needs and we sincerely thank you for your support and encouragement in helping us continue to do so as we move forward!