Have Wares – Will Travel…

We got these cool CNAW logo vehicle decals to help spread the word about Crow’s Nest Artisanal Wares.

CNAW Logo Decals

We figured they would help attract attention and bring exposure to a wider audience as we transport our pieces to our vendor booth locations (Sister’s Junktiques Vintage Market and Wildwood Antique Mall of Lakeland) as well as various event outings – such as tonight’s Moonlight Market at Grove Roots Brewing Co!

We then realized that we didn’t have anything  – at least nothing which accurately reflected the “vibe” of our rustic-industrial Brand – on which to place them!

We needed to resolve that and decided to do so with this. . .



So, if you see us out and about transporting our wares, maybe give us a “honk” to show your support!

Alternatively, if you see us broken down on the side of the road, maybe give us a hand so we can continue to get these wares to their destination!