Thank You Haven Magazine…

CNAW would like to thank everyone at Haven Magazine for their interest and for the article included in June’s publication. If you haven’t checked them out before, now would be a great time (and you don’t necessarily have to start reading on page 24)!

They are the go to source for local happenings (community news, arts, food, entertainment) in Polk County!

Thank you Haven Magazine – we appreciate the support!


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A Shade?

Sure, we can do that too!

Here’s a custom piece we just finished up for one of our favorite clients – who also happens to be CNAW’s first ever patron (purchased a customized Gooseneck) from back when we started! Thanks for continuing to support us!

Developing News…

There has been some interest from a local magazine (to be named at a later date) about doing a profile piece on Crow’s Nest Artisanal Wares.

The opportunity came about during the April Moonlight Market event at Grove Roots Brewing Co. where we spoke to two staff writers for the magazine who stopped by to check out our wares!

We’ve been in contact over the past week trying to get all of our ducks in a row and have now confirmed an interview for late next week. What will come of that interview remains to be seen, but we hope it will move forward to be included in a future issue.¬†We will post additional details along the way as they become available.

Needless to say, we are very excited about this opportunity to help bring further exposure to CNAW and our brand of rustic-industrial functional art!

We thank everyone for their support which has brought us to this point – making this next exciting opportunity possible.

We truly appreciate it!